Sit with me

Video installation, 2012; HD video; 00:14:37; constant loop.

Sit with me is a video portrait that promotes an emotional exchange with the viewer in an infinite mirroring of observation

The video was shot in one take with two cameras simultaneously recording from the front and the left. The performer sat in between the cameras as if sitting with a lover. The performance was unscripted and unplanned, allowing for natural emotions to come out in the moment. While unmasking her own emotions, the video offers the possibility for the viewer to do the same. 

The video is installed in enclosed part of the gallery where viewers can retreat for a moment. The sound coming from headphones helps to create an intimate space. The projection is human scale and projected on eye-level when the viewer sits down. The mirroring doesn't only happen in the video itself and in the split screen, but also in the furniture used in the installation: the viewers sit on a bench that is divided into two sections.

The editing is fragmented, sometimes the left and right parts are in sync, but mostly they are not. It creates a dialogue between the two versions of the performer with the viewer, who is allowed to watch and observe. The video breaks down the boundaries between the viewer and viewed, begging the question ‘who is watching whom?’ Unlike what we tend to do most of the day, the performer exposes her vulnerability and her personal self in order to amplify the feeling of authentic presence and connection.